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How An Auckland Lawyer Can Help Arbitrate Neighbourhood Disputes Before They Escalate


When you live in Auckland you tend to be a little bit closer to your neighbours than otherwise. The lots are smaller and there are fewer open spaces to buffer the noise and other distractions that might arise. In addition to noise, other typical problems that neighbours feud about are pets, boundary lines, parking spaces, and visitors. There are ways to deal peacefully with most neighbours in most situations, but when things get out of hand, sometimes it’s a good idea to seek the advice of an Auckland lawyer.


Fighting With Your Neighbours Can Be Bad For Your Health


Long term feuds with close neighbours can lead to high-stress situations that will eventually make you sick. You’ll have trouble sleeping, you’ll be prone to high blood pressure, and heart attacks are also common as well. If there are illegal things happening that you can defer to the municipality and not get involved yourself, that can be the best way to go.


The same goes if there are lots of drug dealing and other traffic that seems to come from one house. You can usually report it to a drug dealing hotline, they’ll send an undercover officer to make a buy, then possibly bust the house to stop the dealing.


Property Boundary Disputes Can Be Difficult


There are specific laws regarding the property boundaries, trees, driveways and rights of ways. People can get very upset when they think your cherry tree is dropping too much fruit and attracting wasps. The reason to contact a neighborhood dispute attorney would be to have him take a look at the situation and explain the law.


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Many times people are very misinformed of the laws regarding their property boundaries and it’s better if everyone involved gets a refresher course. This may help both sides come to a mutual agreement so they can continue to be friends and neighbours in the future.


In the city, there are a lot of shared driveways, alleyways, and street access areas that have to be shared by all. If one person is abusing their privileges then maybe a quick meeting with a friendly lawyer can help set things straight. If not, unfortunately, the next step is either to take actual legal action or just let the abuses go and refuse to worry about them. Either way, once you make your feelings known, any problems that arise could be attributed to you.


Living close to your neighbours can be a very rewarding experience that you cherish for a lifetime, or it can be a long-term headache. Bringing in legal help in a dispute, first as an arbitrator, in order to mediate things for the better is the neighbourly thing to do most of the time.

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