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Auckland Family Trust Admin Lawyer – The Basics Of Administering a Trust

A family trust is designed to protect any property and assets that a family builds up over time, keeping them safe from various risks. All of the assets are tied to the trust itself and its deed, instead of being linked to any single person in the family. A family trust can include assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds, and other investments. However, given the advantages that a Trust offers, the administration is tightly defined and failure to adhere to the obligations, can, and does, result in penalties from the IRD. Therefore, it is a good idea to let a professional trust administrator look after your Trust documentation, and filings. Below are some of the issues that need to be carried out or considered.


Protect your WealthTrusts are regulated by specific laws which means that a trustee has to be competent, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about the laws and obligations for administering a trust. They must also be able to manage all the assets which are a part of the trust’s assets while keeping accurate and complete records so that it’s easy to follow what is being done. Tax implications for managing a trust are also quite complicated. This can be tough for a layperson to meet all of the legal obligations necessary.

It makes sense therefore, that you work with a lawyer not just to set up your trust but an Auckland family trust admin lawyer too.


The job of trust administration goes far beyond just taking care of the assets that are managed by the trust. A skilled trust administrator will also clearly document all of the decisions that affect the trust, making sure that records are carefully maintained. This allows the administrator to provide the beneficiaries with advice at any point that is both actionable and useful. The job of an administrator requires advanced training in managing investments, financial planning, tax reporting, estate planning, banking, and family law. It’s also useful if the individual has philanthropic experience, as many trusts are highly invested in charitable works, and this requires careful oversight. It’s crucially important that the trust administrator be able to keep clear, easy to read records so that each detail of the trust can be examined for legal authorities.


The trust helps family hand over specific ownership of large assets to an entity instead of to individual people. With the proper documents, these assets can still be used by members of the family, as well. A family trust helps shield family members from creditors and can help set aside money for future needs, whether known or unknown.


Auckland family trust admin lawyerTrusts can also make it easy to pass assets from one generation to the next and can protect members of the family from financial predators. Trusts can also help ease tax burdens on the entire family. Trusts do have specific tax considerations of their own that have to be handled, as well, so it’s important that the individual handling the process is aware of these.


As we’ve mentioned, a trust is a useful tool for families that desire to set aside a portion of their assets for charity – endowments, foundations, and more. Modern tech provides an opportunity for charitable work on a global scale, which is why it’s more important than ever that trust administrators have experience working with charities.


The complicated web of requirements for most modern trusts has led modern families to seek out trust administrators with varied and diverse skills. A North Shore family trust admin lawyer is well suited to establish and carry out family trusts, and most have a wide variety of important skills. These can include insurance, securities, real estate, and international investments.


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